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 Reduces Stomach Upset, Heartburn and Acid

Official Distributor of Hevla Low Acid Coffee 



Acid Reflux/ GERD

  • Vitamin B Complex
    The B vitamins promote healthy nerves, skin, eyes, hair, liver, gastrointestinal tract, and brain function. The B vitamins are also coenzymes involved in energy production. B Complex is important for elderly people and a deficiency can mimic Alzheimer’s disease.

Coffee Business

Coffee Information

  • Coffee Directory
    A coffee related directory boasting over 1000 links. Likely to be the largest collections of pointers available on the web.
  • Double Shot Buzz: A Coffee Page
    A caffeine-induced excursion through Life As We Know It: a monthly account of Seattleite’s search for decent coffee in tea-soaked England.
  • We Got Coffee
    For the coffee obsessed – screensavers, wallpaper, and pictures of cool coffee shops.

Coffee Talk

  • All Coffee Meetup Groups
    Find a coffee group near you! Meetup and participate in coffee talk.
    General coffee forum and review community. With forums and reviews on every coffee topic like equipment, beans, roasting, espresso, drip and more.

Coffee Tools and Equipment

Interstitital Cystitis

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