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 Reduces Stomach Upset, Heartburn and Acid

Official Distributor of Hevla Low Acid Coffee 


The Hevla Low Acid Coffee Process

Hevla Low Acid Coffee undergoes a unique purification process called the Darbovan Improvement Procedure that was developed in Europe more than 30 years ago; An all natural high-pressure steaming process that effectively reduces 72 irritants formed during coffee roasting and thus reduces the acid-content. While this process removes irritants, it leaves the coffee aroma, flavor and caffeine completely intact.

Hevla Low Acid Coffee fills the void for consumers who love coffee but coffee doesn’t love them back. Now these consumers can have their coffee and drink it too!

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Q) What is the percentage of reduced acid in your coffee?

A) We do not use a specific number or claim such. Many tests on Hevla Coffee have shown that a large portion of irritants are reduced after the beans undergo an all natural high pressure steaming process. We can say with certainty that thousands of customers enjoy Hevla Coffee daily, who previously could not drink regular coffee. We estimate the coffee is 75% acid free.

Q) How do you make Hevla Coffee low in acid?

A) The beans used to roast Hevla Coffee undergo a unique purification process developed in Europe. The process uses an all natural, high pressure steam to reduce the irritants in the coffee beans before they are roasted. Our process has been utilized in Europe for over 30 years with great popularity. In fact, coffees made with this low acid procedure sold over 50 million pounds in Europe just last year.

Q) What is the difference between Gourmet Blend and Dark Roast Blend?

A) Gourmet Blend is smooth with a rich bold taste while Dark Roast blend is stronger tasting which occurs by roasting the beans a bit longer.
Q) Is there tannic acid in Hevla Coffee?

A) The coffee beans are processed using an all natural steaming process that reduces a large portion of the irritants. We cannot say for certain if the tannic acid is affected by the process. However, we have several customers who drink Hevla coffee daily who were told to avoid tannic acid.
Q) Is Hevla Coffee organic?

A) No, Hevla coffee is NOT organic. We use 100% Arabica beans to roast our coffee. The beans have been previously treated using an all natural process before they are roasted.
Q) Is Hevla coffee Kosher certified?

A) Yes, we have been Kosher certified for years.
Q) Is Hevla Coffee available in Regular and Decaf?

A) Yes, Hevla coffee is available in Regular or Decaf. If you are interested in Regular coffee, the all natural steaming process reduces the irritants in the coffee beans, but leaves the taste and caffeine intact.
Q) Are there chemicals used in the DECAF process?

A) No chemicals are used whatsoever. The Decaf process is water-based.
Q) Is Hevla Coffee available in Ground or Wholebean?

A) Yes, Hevla coffee is available in ground or wholebean. Just select your choice when placing an online order or if placing a phone order, let us know what you prefer.
Q) What are the ingredients in Hevla Coffee?

A) The beans used in Hevla coffee are exclusively Arabica (100%) and of the highest quality within that already superior classification. No other ingredients are added.

Q) Where is Hevla Coffee produced?

A) Hevla coffee is roasted and private labeled for Hevla. The roasting facility has been roasting coffee since 1995 in Texas.

Q) Can I purchase Hevla Coffee in stores?

A) Hevla Coffee is only available online at this time.

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